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Our talented team works together to ensure you’re comfortable, relaxed and receiving the best service possible. Find the perfect stylist to help you with your hair goals.


Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson

From reminding you of your appointment to greeting you when you arrive, I’m here to ensure your experience is flawless. I’ll answer any questions you have and give an honest opinion on your vision for your hair.

My role has me focused on the business side of the salon, so I love learning and finding new ways to make sure our clients feel like they are the center of attention. When I’m not guiding clients through the 360 experience, I like to work out or read about personal growth.

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Customer Care Specialist
Isabel Sandoval
Sing Along.

Isabel Sandoval

Asking questions and truly listening to what you have to say help me understand your vision for your hair. I want you to feel comfortable while you’re here and confident when you leave. My joking personality and scissor skills make that happen.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll catch me humming while I’m cutting your hair. If I’m in control of the music, we’ll be listening to the oldies, music from the 80’s and 90’s or hip-hop. I know I could be really good at karaoke, especially if I had a few shots before it.

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Designer Stylist
Eddie Anderson
Dance House and Hip-Hop.

Eddie Anderson

I started 360 The Colour Bar Salon to give El Paso a color-focused salon and to give stylists a place to grow and learn. I believe in building relationships with clients to keep them involved, understand their goals, create trust and get the best results possible.

When I’m not at the salon, you can find me with my family. I love spending time with my wife and three kids, doing CrossFit and going out for family dinner.

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